US souvenir bills.

I offer for your attention my products as a variant of a souvenir! These are copies of American banknotes of the late 19th – early 20th century. The images are reproduced in minute detail and etched with acid on brass plates. This is author’s manual work of the highest level. The souvenir is an excellent version of an interior gift that’ll remind a person of you, since it’s always in sight. Single pieces are produced in small quantities.

The real banknote images are taken as a basis and are carefully copied with all the elements: thin guilloches (a dense grid ornament), located on the bill perimeter; decorative elements; a microtext; fonts; thickening and thinning of lines; figures; crossed elements; seals; signatures; portraits.

The main task is to prepare the drawing in such a way that when etching the smallest elements are not lost and remain in their places. Next, the drawing is transferred to a brass plate, which is immersed in acid for chemical milling—a way to achieve relief, which has been used approximately since the 17th century. The etched places are filled with a thin layer of dark gray, almost black paint, to preserve the relief. The next stage is polishing and coating the product with a protective layer of lacquer, which gives beautiful glare and reflections. During decoration, the best combinations of baguette, glass, and passepartout are selected to achieve visual and aesthetic impressions. On the reverse side, a fastening is installed for hanging a souvenir on the wall. The size in the frame is 23 x 36 cm.

Delivery in Kyiv and all cities of Ukraine is free of charge. For Ukrainian orders, it is enough to make a verbal promise to meet and take a look at the parcel. The priority operator is NP. Cash on delivery.

The size in the frame is 23 x 36 cm.
Any product’s price is UAH 4000.