The fourth largest denomination US currency. The banknote is a sample of 1934. A gold certificate. Some banknote design elements are often considered masonic or esoteric symbols. To some extent, these statements are true, since many of the founding fathers of the United States were Freemasons. However, for the most part, that symbolism was applied for the sole purpose—the fight against counterfeiters. The basic design of most existing dollar bills was approved in 1928.

In the center, there is a portrait of Grover Cleveland—the only US president who held his post for two terms with a break and, correspondingly, received double numbering in the list of presidents (in 1885–1889, as the 22nd president, and in 1893–1897, as the 24th president). During Grover Cleveland’s second term, on January 4, 1896, the Utah state was formed.